DWMP MATCH PLAY ENTRY FEE (includes processing fee)

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Our 4th match play bracket is here! 

Based on 16 players, the payout will be:

1st place $500

2nd place: $300

All players must have a verified handicap via The Grint or GHIN. Zero exceptions. Handicaps WILL update each round. Like before, you will have two weeks to complete your match. 

Players will play from whatever tee box is closest to 6600-6700 yds. Any conditions regarding lift clean and place will be decided on by both players before starting their match.  Also note: max strokes given this time around will be 18. We will not be doing multiple strokes per hole as we’ve done in the past. 

Entries will close Friday March 13 and bracket will be drawn live on Saturday March 14. Matches can begin Sunday, March 15. You’ll coordinate your matches with the players you draw, you’ll coordinate the course and pay greens fees on your own. 

If we have an odd number of matches that make the bracket uneven, we will have “play-in” matches. So we will draw randomly those who will play in and those that will have a bye.